Question Best WiFi Routers: Why is there no mention of Free DDNS Services?

Oct 19, 2021
For those looking to buy a new Wifi / Wi-Fi router: I tend to want to connect my webcams to my Wifi system so I can view them from my cell phone. The only way to do this in a manner that does not require a proprietary camera app is to have a DDNS service with port forwarding. Here's the thing: Asus always has and hopefully always will offer a free DDNS service when you buy their routers. Netgear and the like only let you connect with slop services like No-IP for 'free' DDNS (it's not free... you get nagmail every month and if you don't fully re-register, you lose your domain. So while it's free cash-wise, you pay with time and hassle).

So why does no one mention this in their reviews of routers? Heck, go to the Netgear forums and see how ticked off their customers are about this. Would welcome an explanation.