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Along with Wordle, I have added Quordle and Nerdle to my morning routine to kickstart the ol' brain.
I also add 24/7's Wordley. It's a bit easier because the let you know if a letter appears more than once in the word. As far as kickstarting the brain, I'll also toss in a crossword puzzle. I mostly like BestCrosswords, but there's one creator that I just don't care for.

-Wolf sends

Edit: Tom's Hardware, Tom's Guide,, CNN, Local Weather, Local Sports, BestCrosswords, Wordley, Waffle, Quordle, Nerdle... If this is my new morning routine, I'm going to need more coffee....
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Aug 2, 2022
I have another recommendation! It's called Wordshake

if you like spelling bee and boggle you'll love it
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