Jonathan Sifleet

Apr 25, 2013
Okay, basically as of now I write a lot of poetry, and I quite like dubstep, so I was thinking of creating some music as a hobby, so I'm going to get a new headset (around £40), and I was wondering what would be a better one?

It needs to fit a red and black theme.
I don't want anything to OTT.
7.1 virtual sound.
Noise cancelling mic.

I prefer mic quality over sound, but I don't want anything to bad. Also currently I'm using Tritton AX 180s, and the mic quality is TERRIBLE, there's so much white-noise, lots of interference, background noise etc...

Currently reduced it down to three, but if there are any other suggestions feel free.

Plantronics GameCom 780

Gamdias Eros

Corsair Raptor hs40

Thank you!

Christian Angelo

Jul 5, 2013
Many people will agree that headsets do not offer very good sound quality compared to equal in price around-ear headphones. I suggest buying the two(headphones, and mic) separate. It really seems that headsets become too featureful and start to lose quality of it's basic functions.

Secondly you should probably name a price so we can help you find other options within reason.
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