Question Beware of Hulu and their shady business practices! - worst streaming service ever

Dec 4, 2021
I've had Hulu Live TV for a couple of years until I recently canceled. Despite the fact that their service is glitchy / unreliable and they bombard you with ads and fees every chance they get, they have some very shady billing practices.

Back in 2020, I moved from one state to another. After doing so, I updated my new zip code on my Hulu account, updated my new address on my PayPal account (that I used to pay Hulu). I also updated my address on my checking account that was attached to my PayPal account.

With this being the case, one would think that Hulu would begin billing me under my new zip code, but they didn't. Why does this matter??? The jurisdiction I moved from began charging taxes on internet streaming services back in April of this year. Hence, I've paid about $60 in taxes that I shouldn't have, all due to an error in Hulu's billing system. The jurisdiction I moved to doesn't charge taxes for internet streaming services.

I called them to get this straightened out. They very firmly told me they couldn't do anything. I even told them just give me a $25 credit and I'll let the rest go. They couldn't do that either.

In the end, I filled multiple disputes with PayPal and was able to get chargebacks for the last 6 months of the TAXES I PAID ONLY - Not the entire billed amount. This was good and I have to give PayPal props for this.

However, Hulu retaliated against me and disconnected my service a week early before it was scheduled to be shut off. So now, I'm out a week of service that I paid for, but can't receive.

I called them again and they said their escalation department was so overwhelmed they couldn't help me. Gee! I wonder why. They must have multiple people with similar issues.

It's no wonder Hulu is loosing subscribers. Their service is glitchy, their streaming quality is poor, their billing practices are unethical, they have ever increasing rate hikes and they don't give 2 hoots about their subscribers.

If anyone looking to pay for an internet streaming service, I suggest going with anyone but Hulu or their Disney conglomerate services.
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