Question Bga rework stensils


Feb 8, 2014
Good Day Everyone.

I had to reball 3x laptop gpu's gtx980, 1060, 1060. And 1x cpu intel i7 7700hq which is blown,

I have succesfully reballed all 3 gpu (only reballed) not yet reflowed on motherbord, only gtx980 is reballed and soldered back to motherboard and worked as expected. But 7700hq cpu can not be done with universal stensil due to some caps on cpu backside which makes the cpu and stencil uneven and falls more than one ball inside.

Now the main questions.

1, are there any stensils for intel cpu's like 6th,7th gen kabylake 7700hq, 6700hq...?? If yes please provide link to webshop if possible. And intel south/northbridge stensils for newer gen been boards like 5th to latest..

I looked at ebay and other chines sites and there are alot but when you look at chip compatibility list then you will see 15 years old chips on the list. Which is worthless.

2, as the 7700hq on one motherboard is blown, so is it possible to downgrade it to 6700hq...? I have 6700hq on another board which i can extract and reball.. As per specs on internet both cpu shares almost the same specs,

Thanks alot and best regards

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