Bing with ChatGPT vs Google Bard: Which AI chatbot is smarter?


Oct 31, 2008
What I like about both is the ability to zero in on an answer by asking follow ups. For the ones where the answers were inaccurate, it would be useful to see if it is able to correct it's answer or fine tune it. Sure, they get stuff wrong, but which is able to recover best?


Jan 10, 2017
As a Google fanboy I hate to admit that Bard is generally not as good as Bing right now. In particular Bing's ability to write and reason about code is truly incredible. However in your examples, Bard beat Bing hands down on "top new Netflix shows for 2023". Your prompt did not specify the shows had to be released in 2023 and the short precise summaries of the shows were apt. If you want to keep it a draw, I think Bing's dragon story was better. Bard's dragon could easily have simply been an ethically different person if not for having flown to make his friends, and Bing's entry had elements of fantasy appropriate for a dragon, including a (albeit somewhat paraphrased) quest!
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