Question bios to bios

Mar 25, 2021
Hello all, I've just registered I think again, think I was a member years ago, might be wrong, but a lot has happened since then. I'm Dee.
I have a question which needs an answer, so I'm hoping someone on this forum can help.
I have two Acer Aspire 8930g laptops, built up over the years very successfully, great machines.
I mistakenly corrupted the bios on one of them, and it just boots to the bios.
Q Can I copy the bios from the working machine to the non-runner, if so how?
I have a few motherboards with parts but don't relish the thoughts of desoldering a bios chip and replacing the corrupted one.
Also do you know which chip on the board is the bios chip?
Can I thank you in advance for any help on this problem. Best wishes, Dee