Bit Coins Program


Jul 3, 2014
So, Im looking for the program for the bitcoin mining.
I already have a program installed called multibits
Dont see nothing here about mining.
I want to mine on my MSI 290 x2
I want the program for the GPU not CPU
I cant seem to find it only B.S programs that says it is but not it.

Anyone please give me the link for mining for GPU for bitcoin will be helpful thanks
And maybe a little help how to do it


First, GPU bitcoin mining is dead. Bitcoin mining itself is dead. It's waaaaay to hard to make any money at bitcoins now.

Now other alt-coins are possible with GPU rendering such at litecoins, altcoins, dodgecoins, etc.

Even those are going down quick though. Quick history lesson coming....

Bitcoins were first mined with CPU's. This made it hard and slow and they were expensive. Then someone figured out GPU rendering. It was a lot faster. Coin prices dropped some as people mined them but even though GPU's were way faster, it would still take a while to mine them all so prices stayed high. Then someone figured out ASIC rendering. Cheap little USB devices that could mine like 100x faster than a GPU at 1/10th the cost.

This runined bitcoin mining, all the easy coins were found super fast with the new ASIC miners, only hard coins to mine, not worth the power, value dropped.

Then someone came out with scrypt-coin mining. This was for new types of coins, and was ASIC-miner-proof. They couldn't mine scrypt coins. Back to GPU rendering. AMD gpu's rocked for it, people were setting up 4-5-6 video cards in a box to mine coins, making decent money.

then that bubble got burst when cheap USB ASIC miners were out that could mine scrypt based coins. Now everyone is ditching their video cards, buying ASIC miners, they will mine all the easy coins and it will be done with, ala bitcoins fate.

Short answer, GPU mining it dead. A USB stick now can do what 5 video cards can do at 1/10th the price. You'll spend more in power for 2x290's than you will make anymore.


Jul 3, 2014

Well, You see i live in an apartment with my room mate 2 bedroom we have.
We dont pay for the Electric bill
The apartment does
We pay for the water which is cheap and the rent
So this a profit for me.
So i still need the link can you post it for the GPU?


Evening using 2x290 AMD cards, mining litecoins, or any other alt-coin really, will get you about $17 a month at current difficulty. This difficulty level is only going to get hard, and thus less money, rather fast as the ASIC miners come out more and more. A few months you'll be lucky to make $5 a month.

Add in that you are using a $1000 worth of video cards 24/7, which will create a lot of heat for one, so better have an AC as it will get hot. This will reduce the life of your video cards, your motherboard, your PSU, your RAM. Everything will run hot and shorten it's life.

Is $17 worth it destroy that hardware?

You're too late to the party to try to make money off them. I hope you didn't buy the cards just to mine with.
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