Bizarre Audio Problem (plays right side to both speakers, no left)


Apr 30, 2014
PC only plays right side of audio. It will play the audio out of both speakers, as if it's in mono but it's not (I've checked). When I do tests through Win 10 playback and Realtek HD Audio the test sound for left is silent, but right works. I'm at a loss.

To sum up: speakers work fine out of both speaker sides, the PC is only sending the audio for the right audio side but it's sending to both sides of the speakers.

Regardless of headphones/speakers used. My PC has two sets of audio inputs and I've tested them both, same issue.
Cleaned audio jack - still broken
Switched to secondary audio jack - still broken
Switched headphones - still broken

Please God let it be a software thing I can fix easily.

Please tell me that if it's hardware that this is fixable, because my sound card is built into by motherboard and replacing it would be a PAIN both in labor, time, and cost for me.

Windows 10
Realtek HD Audio
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