Black Laptop Screen / Laptop Screen Not Functioning


Jan 23, 2016
Hello community, yesterday after updating my pc the screen just up and stopped working. In addition to that, the first time I started up my computer since it started it took much longer to start up than usual. In addition to that, it appears that the monitor itself isn't necessarily broken, but just not functioning. When I connect it to an external monitor the screen will display and continue to work, but if I select any option other than "show desktop only on 2" the external monitor goes black as well and no matter how much i change the display type it will not show up again until I disconnect and reconnect the monitor. Another thing I noticed is that on the display > screen resolution tab, the computer can also tell that the screen isn't functioning, as denoted by the black icon and lack of options:

Unfortunately this is my only functioning laptop and I am in the middle of a college term so any help would be appreciated ( :
The laptop is an MSI GE70 2QE Apache pro
Thank you.

It seems like you've done most of the possible troubleshooting steps but please try these other steps that may help. Does the laptop display still shows the manufacturers splash screen when you turn it on?
- Do a hard reboot first, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button then try booting it back on.
- If these doesn't work try to uninstall/reinstall the graphics card driver.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall the graphics card driver.
- Check Programs and Features and uninstall anything related to your graphics card.
- Next is to download and install the latest driver from the manufacturers site.
- Once installed reboot your laptop for all the changes to take effect.
- If the same problem will persist after doing these steps please do try doing the clean install method.
- If these doesn't work, you may need to open the laptop and make sure that the ribbon cable that connects the display to the motherboard is seated properly.
- And if all these will not work you may need to replace the display itself but you can still continue using it with an external monitor for the meantime.
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