Solved! Black screen boot device

Jul 6, 2020
I was working with photoshop and suddenly blue screen appeared. After that a black screen showed with msg “reboot and proper boot device”
I googled and then I hold Escape and this screen shown

I selected second option and fortunately windows successfully loaded

My problem is when I shut down or restart, I saw that black screen again and I’m really nervous. I don’t know what’s the problem and I need help :(

P.s: My laptop is Asus and I work with windows 10
Aug 12, 2020
Typical causes of black screen

  • Power failure, battery, charging, or mains problem. For example, if the battery is critically low, the laptop may shut down.
  • Failure of the display, loop, backlight lamps
  • Overheating, abrupt shutdown of laptops by protection, failure of the south or north bridges. Cooler problems, clogged ventilation
  • Windows errors
  • Incorrect system and Bios settings
  • Excessive amount of software, games, "heavy" programs, especially those infected with viruses. This causes errors in the OS.
  • RAM or CPU issue
  • Lost contact in the slots of the device modules. It turns out due to shaking, mechanical damage, dust inside the computer case
  • Liquid spills, falls, knocks and carelessness.
How to fix it:
  • Have you recently switched your laptop to an external monitor with the original one turned off? Check if "dimming" is turned off by a couple of buttons.
  • "Clogging" of the hard drive with unnecessary and non-working files, lack of cleaning and optimization. Clean up your hard drive and registry. After removing the junk and rebooting, an image will appear and the device's performance will improve.
  • All indicators are on, judging by the sounds, ventilation is working, and loading is in progress. Only the display does not show signs of life - the video card or matrix is faulty. No picture when connecting an external monitor? Exactly - a breakdown of the video card. Few users can handle replacing it, call the workshop.
  • Problems in the monitor cable and its connectors. Check the connections and the loop itself, reconnect.
  • Could jam the shutdown button on the screen. Happens from damage or liquid ingress. Older laptops have it on the front panel. It is more difficult with the newer ones, here the button is in the turning mechanism. To repair it, laptops are taken apart.
  • The backlight lamp is faulty or its inverter (transformer) burned out. In this case, there are first image distortions, along the edges of the monitor or completely.
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