Black screen (fan and battery/power lights on, but no logo, bios, windows... nothing)


Oct 22, 2015
A few months ago my laptop went for repair from a different issue (which i can't remenber.. but it came with two new and spacious hard drives.
Now, after around three months my laptop was acting very wierdly while playing videos, whether on wmp or youtube or etc.
Sometimes the videos went green or black (not playing at all), on youtube, and in wmp every single video in whatever format i tried to play (also, videos which i managed to play very before the first repair) just failed to play due to unsuported codecs.
I've downloaded a "ton" of codec programs and other players and sometimes the video would play and sometimes not, and other times it started to freeze windows so that i had to shutdown the laptop and etc.
More, this was happening on Windows 7 which is the default os, but today i upgraded my laptop to windows 10 and every video would fail to play correctly.
Then occasionally i suspended the laptop and a few hours later i open it and wouldn't display nothing. Not even the cursor would display, but i could hear the fan and lights on.
I shut it down and turned it on after i can hear the fan and the battery/power lights are on but the lights on keyboard (while pressing num lock/ caps lock) don't turn on.
At the screen there is just simply nothing just black, not even the logo, bios, or whatever thing it could appear :(
Could this be from updating to windows 10 or some hardware problem?
The laptop is a Toshiba c660
AMD E300 1.30ghz