Question Black screen lenovo ideapad 520s

Jan 6, 2020
Hi I have a Lenovo ideapad 530s, was working fine. After a few months, all of a sudden, I tried to power the laptop and screen is black. Shows nothing. Was working when connected to an external monitor. However, I tried this solution below and now not even with an external monitor. (I found this solution workedmfor a lot of people here...)
Now the light from the power turns on, which indicates the laptop is working, but then the keyboard shows no action, caps led does not light up. If I try to connect an external keyboard, also does not work. Any ideas on what I can do?

SOLUTION: I was able to get the laptop to display only to the monitor when connected by:
  1. Turn off computer completely
  2. Connect the VGA cable to the laptop (output) and monitor (input)
  3. Power on laptop and Immediately close the cover of the laptop completely shut