Blank screen after logging in no Internet Lenovo Laptop W 8.?


Jun 7, 2017
Hi, my problem with my laptop is that it just start up with no Internet and blank screen. Explorer not working even if I manually start it via Task manager. I did some asking around the internet and did their suggestions. Here's what I did as far as my memory serves:

Before this mess happened, I get some bad image errors from launching some programs. I did the Sfc command to check, then proceeded to do startup repair which somehow failed and started the blank screen problem.

Sfc scannow stops at 42% and says found corrupt files but can't be fixed.

ChkDsk says no errors found

Refreshing and resetting needs the windows drive thing unfortunately

System restore fails at any point

DISM not working

recovery partition has no recovery image inside, which is strange

I bought the laptop 2nd hand a year ago, of course I don't have the windows installation media or product key. I don't have a bootable USB recovery drive that I wished I have done it before.

Just want to let you all know that AM/AV returns negative save for one PUP but the blank screen problem still persists after removing the PUP

I don't want to spend money as much as possible. Have any of you guys more suggestions to fix my laptop? Good day to you.