Blank screen, loud fan, shuts down

Jul 23, 2018
I have had an Asus N550JV for 3 years now (Absolutely hate it). Ran into problems I could fix over the years but this one seems to take the cake.

The problem
When I start the laptop, it works, then after sometime (can be few minutes or hours), the screen goes off although with the screen lights still on, fans get louder and after around a minute, the laptop shuts down (charged or not).

I also noted that when the laptop is on low battery (say around 10%) and turned off so I can charge it, once turned on, it stops charging even though the laptop nor the charger were disturbed. I have to wiggle the charger to make it charge again (charger is dodgy but this seems to happen every time).

What I have tried
Changed thermal paste (Not overheating as heatsink, ram, hdd doesn't get hot when idle).
Monitored temperature and it was around 60+ idle, 85 degrees after Battlefield 1.
Re-flown motherboard (Baked it in the oven).
Re seated RAM.
Tried a different charger as current charger is a bit dodgy(wasn't done by me so not totally certain).
Got a new hard drive.
Cleaned the whole laptop.
Those N550 models sold like crazy when they first debuted. Pretty decent laptop, but everyone's mileage varies, unfortunately.

What you're describing sounds like a hardware fault. Something is intermittently failing, causing the EC firmware to rev the fans and then power the system off. Sorry to say, there's a good chance you'll have to have the motherboard replaced (it might be salvageable, but you've already tried a reflow, so it's doubtful at this point).
Jul 23, 2018

A laptop's mileage shouldn't be based on luck, I expected quality product for my money. I know, still bitter after 3 years lol.

Confirmed what I feared tbh. I guess time for a new laptop. Bad timing though. Thanks.


You spent a pretty penny on it. It's understandable. ;) (Sadly that is the way electronics work; no two, identical items are alike, e.g., binning).

Best of luck with it. A replacement board might be cheaper than a new, comparably priced & comparably spec'ed laptop, but if you haven't been happy with it, it's totally your call.
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