Blue Screen error on normal start up and horizontal red lines


Nov 2, 2015

I am facing this error since i upgraded my system to windows 10. Initially it worked fine but then horizontal red lines start appearing and suddenly laptop crashed with blue screen error. I reinstalled Windows 7 and it worked fine for hour or two but same problem popped up again.

Now issues i a facing are

1. Laptop won't start in normal mode ( Crashes with blue screen error)
2. It's working in Safe mode with Horizontal red lines on whole screen.

What i did till now.
1. I have disabled all startup program and tried to start laptop in normal mode : No luck

2. Uninstall and install graphics card driver : No luck

System description:

Windows 7 X64; Dell Inspiron n5010.

Below is the screen shot of my home screen.



Based from your description of the problem, it could be the graphics card failing already. You can some troubleshooting steps that may help but chances are you may end up having the PC send for a repair.
- Open the laptop and clean the inside of it. Make sure that there's no dust stopping the fan from spinning freely. Apply a new thermal paste as well to the graphics card. Test the laptop once done with these step.
- To really identify if it's a problem with the graphics card, connect an external monitor and see if the same problem persist.