Bluesound pulse mini, Audio pro addon c10 or SONOS play:5

Jun 8, 2018
I need help in choosing which wireless speaker i should get.
The speaker is supposed to be used mainly for music but also as a TV speaker.
As far as i have been told, SONOS play:5 wont work for this.
I have listened to the play:5 and the bluesound pulse mini, both sounding pretty similar.
How does the cheaper audio pro addon C10 match up to these two in sound quality?

Thanks for your help!
If the speaker has an aux input and your TV has a digital audio output you could get a DAC and connect them.
I would also consider the Denon Heos speakers.
Another option would be to get a Denon HeosAmp and use that with any passive speakers you want.
If a soundbar will work then the Sonos or Denon Heos soundbars are very good.
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