Bluetooth Audio Transmission


Apr 26, 2011
I am looking at possibly upgrading my surround sound receiver. One of the driving forces is to have incorporated bluetooth features, but I wasn't sure whether the receivers are only capable of receiving bluetooth signal (playing music from your phone) or whether they are capable of sending signal to headphones for quiet listening. I would like to do the latter (listen on bluetooth headphones). Is this something that most receivers are capable of or is this a special feature if available at all? What should I look for to do this? Are there any suggested receivers for this purpose?
In general bluetooth in receivers is for receiving audio via bluetooth rather than sending it. I think there are some Yamaha and Sony models that have transmitters built in. Check the owners manuals to be sure.
If using bluetooth headphones is your goal you could use a bluetooth transmitter with your present AVR. You could connect the transmitter to the preout, zone 2 out, or headphone out.
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