Question Bluetooth AV playback values, but I don’t utilize BT ever.

Aug 24, 2021
Full disclosure: recently upgraded to an iPhone 11 from an iPhone 6…go easy on me.

Also, please note: iPhone 6 suddenly disappeared from trusted devices list and was soon discovered to be gone from my house shortly after. Was behind on a couple car payments and did what I had to do to make ends meet and reinstate my auto loan. May have disgruntled a couple asset recovery teams in the process. Through lots of trial and error and just pure luck with timing, I firmly believe my phone has been jailbroken remotely. Sequence(s) of events have led me to narrow it down to MitM attacks, BLE, Find My exploits, nano/ultrasonic adverts?, and of course beacon gps tracking. The screenshots from a phone utility app by Lirum info lite show differing values for BT AV playback as “skip-tracers” strolled by my property…no devices are paired with my phone, not even my car. How can I figure out where this data is going and how to access it? Thank you for your time.