Question Bluetooth connectivity problems iPhone X to Clarion head unit

Nov 18, 2021
I have an iPhone X and a Clarion NX502A car audio head unit.
My old iPhone 6 was connected via Bluetooth for many years with no problem. When I connected it, it was as per the head units instructions. I simply typed in a 4 digit code (0000 by default) into the iPhone.
Now when I try to pair the iPhone X:-
The head unit wants me to enter 4 digit code into iPhone (0000 by default) – which I'm not able to as the iPhone won't allow me to do it by not bringing up the number pad display.
Then, the iPhone says a 6 digit number should be showing on the head unit screen – which it isn't.
So both devices want to pair in a different way.
I deleted my old iPhone 6 from being paired and tried to pair it again.
It now shows the same problem as the iPhone X
When I paired it the first time I was able to enter a 4 digit code (000 by default) and it worked fine.
The conclusion has to be that Apple through IOS updates has changed the way iPhones pair.
It is like originally the head unit was Master and the iPhone a slave now they both want to be a Master.
So I reset the head unit to factory default and tried to pair the old iPhone 6. Now it has the same problem as the iPhone X
Maybe it has something to do with the IOS being updated on both phones since I originally paired the iPhone 6 years ago?
Would love a solution if it's out there..........
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