Question Bluetooth headphones muting

Jun 14, 2021
I have a Xiaomi Mi A2 android phone with android 10 and BH203 bluetooth headphones. I have a problem using them together.

Headphones work perfectly when they are connected to pc with cable. When I connect them via bluetooth to my brother's phone they also work (realme 6 phone). Here is what happens with bluetooth connection to my phone:

After listening to something after about 10 seconds one ear stops giving sound and after 3 more seconds both ears stop working (no sound is being played). Changing phone volume to maximum and back fixes the sound but after 10 seconds same thing happens again. I noticed that some parts of the video consistently break the sound. This happens with anything I play.

I would like to add that weirdly youtube usually works and prevents total muting, but sometimes neither youtube works.
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