Question Bluetooth help

Jun 15, 2020
Hi everyone, I’m a novice so please be kind.
I have a Bluetooth problem with my Hipoint Speaker System. I listen to Spotify on my iPhone and connect the speakers via Bluetooth.
A few evenings ago my speakers were making a noise as if someone was trying to connect. I checked my devices on my phone and saw loads that I didn’t recognise, so I switched the speakers and Bluetooth off. My system is now not recognised on my phone and doesn’t come up with searching. Dora anyone know how I can clear the connected devices, bearing in mind I cannot see them lol. I have asked my neighbours, one side kindly let me check their phones and the other side laughed and insisted it wouldn’t be them. I’ve tried switching everything off, speakers, Bluetooth, iPhone as well as other suggestions from google. Is there anyone that can suggest anything else I can try please
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