Question Bluetooth Transceiver Mystery (any experts want to help solve this problem?)

Jul 8, 2020
Bluetooth Audio Mystery (any experts want to help solve this problem?)

Tested headphones :

  1. MPOW (SBC)
  2. Taotronics (APTX-LL)
  3. skull candy ink'd (also SBC)

Tested Bluetooth transceivers :
  1. avantreee TC419 (2020) (aptx LL) BT 5.0 - tested two devices, one original and one replacement.
  2. SK-BTI-029 (2018) (aptx) BT4.1

My setups were all correct, no interference, and conditions were the same for all comparisons.

I compared the avantree TC419 with a Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver from 2018 (SK-BTI-029).

The avantree TC419 sounded terrible using the SBC codec with both pairs of headphones. There was a noticeable treble distortion, a hiss, noticed most when listening to rock music (even at low volume). The skullcandy ink'd headphones audio cut completely when I left the room, I was 5 meters away with 1 wood door in-between! much for those pretty antennae eh! I then compared all 3 headphones using my older 2018 SK-BTI-029 (Bluetooth 4.1!) , all under same setup and conditions, and none of these problems could be replicated!

Just to recap:
TC419 Bluetooth 5 (2020 with those silly pretty antennas)
- treble distortion, terrible signal strength, cutting out using SBC headphones, APTX compatible headphones functioned as normal. (but still cut out a lot)
SK-BTI-029 Bluetooth 4.2 (2018 no silly pretty antennas) - no problems, excellent sound, no treble distortion, no cutting out on ANY OF THE 3 HEADPHONES! (using SBC and APTX)

Avantree TC419 sounds terrible using the SBC codec, on both SBC headphones.
Avantree TC419 sounded normal using the taotronics headphones - BUT, it kept cutting out, or cracking, around 10+ times per one song ... that is unbelievably bad. (at a distance of only 5 meters, only 1 wood door obstruction)

SK-BTI-029 sounds good using the SBC codec, on all 3 headphones.
SK-BTI-029 sounded VERY good using the APTX LL codec with the taotronics headphones - it never cut out, there was no periods of cracking during the play of one song.

I really don't understand why the avantree TC419 performs so horrendously. With a label of '2020' and 'Bluetooth 5', and those silly pretty antennas, you'd think it would perform to standard.

I didn't expect the avantree TC419 to perform to an extreme high quality, I would of settled for normal, but it doesn't even do that!!!

How does a 2018 Bluetooth 4 transceiver outperform a Bluetooth 5 transceiver from 2020!? - I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND.

Avantree sent me a replacement, and i tested that also, and the results were EXACTLY THE SAME!

I just tested another bluetooth transceiver under these same conditions and setup, the MPOW BH262A ...the SBC also sounded horrible. The same treble distortion.

Can someone please shed some light on what is going on here. The SK-BTI-029 using the SBC codec sounds excellent, no problems ... so why are these newer transceivers (supposedly better, and Bluetooth 5) sounding so awful when using SBC codec?

I have had no honesty from the support teams at any of these companies, I'm sure there is something untoward going on here.

Can anyone solve this puzzle?

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