Question Bluetooth/wired headphones only play on one side

May 21, 2019
I have a new pair of Gemtune wireless headphones. Here's the link:

When I use these wirelessly they work fine. When I power them down and turn them back on, I have to reconnect them through "bluetooth and other devices" in "sound settings". I thought plugging them in would help me avoid this problem, but when I plug them in, they only play through the right side. Unplugging them doesn't automatically switch them back to wireless; I have to reconnect them just like I do when they're powered off and back on. I would prefer to keep them unplugged, so is there a way to keep them from getting disconnected when they are powered off? If not, I guess I will have to leave them on all the time and just make sure they stay charged. Even so, is there a setting I need to tweak to make them play through both sides when they're plugged in? I know people will say to make sure the drivers are updated, but the headphones and my PC running Windows 10 are both new so all drivers are updated.