Question Bose QC35 ii

Dec 3, 2021
Ok, here is one for you.

Recently my wife and I were traveling and so as to not wake my wife I hardwire connected my QC35 ii to my PC at the hotel rather than Bluetooth.

Upon returning home I no longer get sound out of my headphones via bluetooth even though the connection shows live and from the TV it shows movement. Samsung TV BTW. So I removed the BT connection from the TV and reset the headphones. Once reconnected same same. Hmmm I went to the basement and connected said headphones to my Spny Bravia TV via bluetooth and sound works fine. Went back to my computer and switched from hard wire to BT and works fine. Go back upstairs and clear all connections on the TV and headphones and then re-pair the 2 and once connected same same no sound but TV shows output to BT.

Short of buying another set of headphones to test I got no ideas which way to go? Oh and also updated the firmware on the headphones and made no difference.