Question Bose QuietComfort Headphones Switch Question


Feb 2, 2021
I have been using my Bose QuietComfort headphones for listening to audio in both wired and wireless mode. They perform nicely for me, especially in noise-cancelling mode. However, the one issue that I have had lately is that sometimes either my finger loses its grip on the headphones' switch or releases it too soon when I push it from off-mode to on-mode to enable noise-cancelling mode. The switch ends up positioned between the off and on positions without enabling noise-cancelling mode most of the time. At first, I was concerned that there was a defect or problem with the switch, but upon testing it, it appeared to perform its proper functions for off, on, and Bluetooth pairing modes and stayed in the locked positions it was designed for. I also confirmed during my test that the switch could sometimes get stuck between the on and off position as already mentioned, but could be either pushed back to the off position or a little further to get it to the on position. Unless someone points out an issue that I am unaware of with the switch, as far as I could tell, the switch for my Bose headphones does not appear to be broken or defective. I think Bose should make the switch a little longer on its future noise-cancelling headphones for an easier grip for a user's finger(s). Out of curiosity, has anyone else had issues gripping the switches on their Bose QuietComfort headphones or any other models of Bose noise-cancelling headphones and had the switch stuck in between two different mode positions due to either losing their grip on the switches or releasing them too soon? If yes, do you also believe the switches should be longer for a better finger grip?

Thanks in advance.
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