Solved! Bose speaker: sn:064395z42650609AE, smart TV. New chords, all power on TV will not work through the speaker.

Jan 21, 2019
TV won't work with smart TV
Bose sn: 046395z42650609AE. New chords, power on both electronics. Menu selections made. Cannot get tv to use the Bose speaker
If the Bose is a passive speaker you would need an amp to connect it to a TV.
If the Bose is a powered speaker then the TV would have to have a headphone or analog audio output to connect to the Bose aux input.
If the Bose only used bluetooth then you would need to connect a bluetooth transmitter to the TV audio output.
If the TV only has optical audio output then you would have to turn it on in the TV menu and either connect it to the Bose if that had an optical input, or to an optical to analog converter or bluetooth transmitter. Check the TV manual on how to use the optical output.
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