Bought a Soundbar, now I need a Soundcard?


Jan 31, 2018
So I bought an LG soundbar to replace my cheap speakers I was using on my PC. The soundbar's great, however to use it with my PC it requires an optical audio connection (I hope I phrased that right).

Anybody got any suggestions on a soundcard with this functionality which isn't too expensive but also wont destroy my audio, I'm really not clued up on this kind of stuff so any help is appreciated.
Does the soundbar have an aux analog audio input that you are using with a TV or something else?
If the TV has optical audio out then use that input for the TV and the aux for the PC.
An input selector switch is another option. That would let you use the same input for more than one source.
If stereo is all that is required, a cheap usd$15 A-to-D converter should do it, then the next option is a USB dongle with Toslink Out.

If SB is surround capable, then well, u probably want something more substantial like a PCIe sound card with Toslink Out.
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