Bought a used Samsung Series 9 completely restart fresh.


Feb 15, 2013
Bought a used Samsung Series 9 running windows 7. I want to completely restart fresh. However I don't have the OS product key nor does the laptop have a cd drive just 2 USB ports. How do I go about completely restarting from scratch?


Feb 15, 2013
I guess I'm still a little confused and scared to do anything cause I have never worked on a computer without a cd drive. Is there a way to reinstall windows without the windows cd or product key? Like on a Mac you can do a complete restore and redownload the original OS from the interenet.


Jan 16, 2011

If the Samsung recovery partition is intact, that will take care of both. A recovery partition that is built into a pre-built PC has the product key preinstalled, and runs off a hidden partition on the HDD so that no other media is needed. You would just need to activate the recovery with a command. Samsung tends to use F4 at bootup as this command.
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