Question Bought home - figure out smart home elements

Oct 28, 2021
Bought our new home couple of months back. The seller did not have any information about the 'smart home'. Apparently, it was installed by Amazon services shortly after construction through some arrangement with the builder. I am a complete newbie in this field and want to know what is in the big panel, different elements of it, what they do, what are the passwords (some have weak passwords per my AT&T manager software, which I do not know how to change), are all these really necessary, etc. I see a bunch of coaxial cables (I do not use cable at all), a Ruckus box, something saying Samsung smarthings, couple of smaller boxes, one says Ring, others do not have much identifiers). I know there is a smartlock, but don't know how to use it. there are smarttimers for a few things and I do not know to change. There is ethernet output in each room, but I could not connect a router to them. One room did not get a good wifi signal and the only way I could fix it was to at least temporarily create a parallel network (through the AT&T Gateway) using Deco M9-Plus from my previous home. At this point, I think this is way more complex than what I really need (just wifi throughout for laptop/TVs, Ring bell - do not need any other smart things). Is there a service which can go through this and essentially reset it for me? Sorry for the long question, but wanted to provide what I know, however little.
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