Brand New Laptop, Horribly Slow Wi-Fi


Dec 18, 2014
So for Christmas my sister is getting a new laptop (an ASUS F555LA-AH51), and my parents have asked me to help set it up for her. I opened it up today and started setting things up, installing all the updates for Windows 8.1 and loading it with the basic programs she'll need. The problem is, the Wi-Fi connection is absolutely atrocious. When she's hard wired into the modem (Cisco XB3, Model DPC3939) she pulls great speed (Ping: 11ms, D/L 53.00, U/L 10.21). With a Wireless connection, with the laptop sitting right next to the modem it gets significantly worse with an unstable connection that takes almost 4 full minutes to complete a speed test (Ping: 39ms, D/L 3.02, U/L 10.21).

I can't really understand what is causing this, as the wireless on every other device in the house at least pulls a solid 32 D/L without any real connection issues. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.