Brand new Lenovo Yoga 920 battery life is wonky

Apr 3, 2018
I purchased a Yoga 920 yesterday from Best Buy, and, though it has great overall performance, build, etc., the battery is acting very strange. LaptopMag's battery life test, which consists of continuous video streaming on Wi-Fi, put the battery life at 12 hours and 21 minutes. However, I have been getting much less than that, based on both the estimates by the computer itself (which currently tells me that I have 4 hours and 5 minutes left with 55% battery, making for a total battery life of under 7.5 hours) and how long it has taken to drain (it is at 55% after less than four hours of usage).

I am not a particularly high-power user. My activity on the computer has consisted of having a sizable but by no means large number of Chrome tabs open, watching video on YouTube, using the Windows 10 Facebook and Messenger apps, and drawing in Microsoft Paint. At present, I have seven Chrome tabs open (three of which are on YouTube videos that are currently paused), the Facebook app, and the settings app, and am at 70% brightness.

And, in another example of the battery's wonkiness, it is currently at 54% with an estimated 6 hours and 39 minutes remaining, which would point to a total battery life of just under LaptopMag's. However, the fact remains that in less than four hours, the computer has gone from full charge to 54%.

I just got this computer new, so there shouldn't be any chance of the battery's having degraded. What's going on?
charge the battery fully over night and try again, it may take two to three times of charging till the battery is working properly

If this won´t help, return the Lenovo


Nov 17, 2010
Is it the 1020p? or 4k model. You have to play with the drivers and settings to get a good battery going. I have the 4k but use resolution 1248x1152. That affords me about a 7 to 8 hour battery, More at 1020p setting. If it is the 1020p model then you have a problem. Return. I hope this helps!