Brands With Highest Durability


May 18, 2016
Recently my less than a year old $550 ACER randomly shut off and has not turned on at all, let's just say I am pretty pissed at ACER as of now. So I am still deciding if I should repair the old one or get a new laptop. Since I don't want to have another computer fizzle out in less than a year I want something durable. So I'm between buying a Dell laptop or an ASUS one, don't know if I want to spend a ridiculous amount of money (again) on the new one or buy a low end one. Point is which of these two brands is more durable? Are there others that in your experience are better?
The dirty little secret of the laptop industry is that virtually none of the laptop brands actually design or build the laptop. They're made by little-known companies called ODMs - original design manufacturers.

Quanta seems to be the best ODM from a quality standpoint. Wistron (former manufacturing arm of Acer) the worst. Unfortunately, most laptop brands use several ODMs to build their laptops. it's virtually impossible to tell which ODM made a particular model (Apple is an exception since they use only Quanta, though in the past they've used Pegatron/Asus).

You'll just have to read reviews of the individual models and try them out in stores which have display models you can poke and play around with. Generally, the more you pay, the better quality you can expect.


Jan 27, 2012
Unfortunately the part of your PC that is broken is probably very trivial and easy to fix. Sight unseen my money is on the PSU. The chips themselves are incredibly durable.

Worth noting Acer didn't make a thing - none of it. They just got the cheapest parts they could source and threw them together.

The most durable and reliable computer is one you build. Not necessarily because of part robustness, but because of experience and know how.

You probably just need a new PSU. Less than $100 USD for one that will last a decade. You could get one right now for $30-$50.

There are only TWO major CPU manufacturers. Intel and AMD.
There are only TWO major GPU manufactuers. AMD and Nvidia.
RAM, Cases, Pants Zippers, etc - are all made by very, very few companies.

So it is honestly impossible to judge one PC as more durable than another without a lot of detail.

Dell optiplex were riddled with bad capacitors for years. Most all prebuilts ship with garbage PSUs...

Really the only way to get good parts all around is to build a custom rig.
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