Bright area on LCD screen after spill


Jan 4, 2015
My dog bumped my laptop table and spilled a small amount of soda on the screen of my Satellite C55 last night. Some of the liquid apparently ran down the screen and entered through the seam along the bottom of the screen. Everything on the computer still works fine, however, the mid to lower right part of the screen is brighter with darkish spots. I can still see everything on the screen there is just this patchy light spot which is very distracting. I have tried taking a screenshot of the area, but the spot does not show up. However, I have attached an external picture of the computer so that you can see the problem. The area does appear to be getting smaller as time goes by, but I am afraid that permanent damage may be happening behind the scenes. Is there any way to fix this, or should l simpy let it fix itself. Better question, if it is drying by itself, what are the odds of it fixing itself completely?

Thanks in advance,