Brightness low when connecting PC to the TV


Feb 6, 2016
I have Samsung UN60JU7100 and a Sager NP8657-S laptop with Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M. The issue is this: whenever I hook up the laptop to my TV via HDMI, the connection works and the PC screen shows up on the TV but the brightness is way lower than it should be (maybe around 30% lower). It is very distracting.

I have set up the HDMI port as "PC" on the TV but that doesn't do anything and there must be some sort of an input error going on here. I don't want to start adjusting my laptop or TV brightness / display settings because they are just fine otherwise, but there is a mismatch when they are linked up.

Also, the issue exists even when I link the PC to the TV through Steam Link so it's not an issue with the HDMI cable etc. The picture is normal brightness when I hook up the laptop to my older Samsung TV (UN39FH5000). So there must be some sort of a compatibility issue with the laptop / graphics card and the 4k TV?

I don't know any details about AV stuff as you can tell from my post, but I can follow instructions. Can anybody point me to a right direction what I should to try fix this issue? Thanks!