Broke 4 pin connector for laptop fan


Dec 9, 2015
Last night I was trying to clean out my laptop and I accidentally ripped off the 4 pin connector for the fan on the heat sink. All the pins are still in the plastic connector thing. The left prong that holds the connector in place I still on the mother board, could I just solder the right side on and the 4 pins should touch the points? Without soldering the points still touch, the only real problem is it just won't stay down on the mother board when I put it back together.
Bottom of connector

motherboard connection


Feb 22, 2013
If you have the skills you can just solder them back together, or use soldering glue if you prefer that. You can also reconnect the fan through a USB connector, however you will not be able to control the fan through the BIOS /motherboard as before. The best option would be to reconnect them to the motherboard.
No, you cannot just solder the "right" side and let the 4 pin just touch. You must solder everything.

Looking at the bottom of that connector, can the 4 pins be "pivot out" a little? if able, that will allow you more surface area to stick your soldering iron to get in there, but if not, they look like they stick out a little from the plastic holder, that maybe just enough to do the job.

First, suck up all those old solders so you have a flat surface to work on. Then pivot out the 4 pins if you are able to, about 45 degree should do it. Solder the 4 pins, solidly (but don't over-solder else the connector can't sit back down), then counter-pivot the whole assembly to what it should be, now finish with the ground pad.

Next time, don't be so rough with your cleaning. :)
So, you have a HP Pavilion 17-e180nr laptop. You will need to desolder the remaining pins from the connector of the fan on the motherboard. You have to disconnect the broken connector from the motherboard to the fan. I will try to find the connector for the fan connected to the motherboard for your laptop.

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