broken image on Toshiba Laptop


Jul 10, 2017
A friend has asked me to look at a Laptop that her grandchild drop. I connected a VGA cable to a external monitor and everything apart from the Laptop's monitor is working.

With the Laptop's monitor the screen is broken into 5 sections, the first of the 5 is black, the second is showing the first 5th, the 3rd part is white, then the 4th part is black again and the 5th section is showing the 1st section of the windows Screen again.

I have said to my friend that it will either be the cable or the Monitor it self. with the external monitor working fine the video card is working fine.

With out taking the laptop apart can anyone tell me what they think would be the likely subject, the laptop monitor or the cable so we know what to buy.


If I had to make a guess, I'd say it needs a new screen.

Cable breakage or disconnection would result in a blank screen, there wouldn't even be a partial Windows image.

aaah my bad.i think i need to start wearing glasses =p.then yeah if its dropped then it cant be the cable.99% its the screen.