Budget 4k TV; is LG as good as Samsung, Sony?


Jan 25, 2016
During Best Buy's Boxing week sale, I went in to pickup a 55" LG UF 6450 as shown here:


However they were out of stock and gave me a rain-check for the sale price of 949.99 CAN$.

My question is, is this a good TV for the price? I am willing to spend up to 1k$ on a good 4k TV no less than 48" in size, however I have been recommended to go with either Samsung, Sony or Sharp TVs. I believe I have done my research and this display has a fair stats across the board, but you don't really know how it preforms until you bring it home.

I mainly intend to use this screen as my main home theater. However I am a gamer, and while my main display is a 1ms 27" attached to my gaming rig, I may want to use this for the occasional non-competitive play.

What are your opinions on LG displays? Is this a good unit for the price point? Is there a better display within a reasonable price range? Any and all opinions welcome.

Many thanks!
As far as future proofing is concerned, you should be safe as long as you buy a 2016 model, they did update a few 2015 models to support HDMI 2.0a so that it would be 4kUHD blu-ray compatible, but a few people have trouble on 2015 models it seems so only time will tell if their "patch" will actually work on the older sets.

Everyone that bought one in 2012 up until 2014 can't display 4k content properly, so I mean, what if it happens again? I can't answer that question, and I'm worried that if it does happen again and you happend to be affected, I would feel bad. I'm all about good advise and facts, I tend to stay neutral and not bias, so honestly, I don't want to recommend a TV unless it's a late 2015 or 2016 model, which are yet to be reviewed.

I'm looking at TV's on Amazon, and I don't see any 120 Hz TV's in your price range that is 4k, but this one is really good


It's only 60 Hz but other than that it's the best I was able to find. It looks like the best one you can get.
Samsung sometimes use Sharp panels if their "official" panels run out, they won't tell the consumers, and Sharp doesn't come close to the peaks of Samsung's PQ. The problem isn't outsourcing though, the problem with this question is panel type, LG is designed for bright rooms and with wide viewing angles. In all other scenarios a VA TV (all Samsung's, some Sony, etc) will absolutely kill the LG as soon as you turn off the lights, and not view it diagonally across the room, as you'll lose a lot of contrast.

Do you still need help finding a TV?

Does it have to be 4k?

Any specific features you're after (3D, low input lag, refresh rate, etc)?


Jan 25, 2016
Yes, I would still love help finding a TV! Thanks Suzuki :)

I was hoping to get one on boxing week sale for a good price, but the reason I want to get a 4k is to future proof myself somewhat. I am moving into a new place in the spring and do not have a TV of my own at the moment. I mainly want it for movies and shows, but will be doing some gaming on it so input lag is an issue. I have no interest in 3D if that helps. Honestly I'm trying to set a reasonable budget for myself, and feel I should be able to get a reasonable home theater screen for a grand, is that an unreasonable explanation?

Hope these questions are not to redundant, feel free to link me to other threads where they address these issues. What other information can I give you that might help?
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