Budget dslri think im re


Apr 20, 2010
ady to take the plunge into the world of dslr's but im on a tight budget as im saving for a new desktop as this laptop is five years old and no longer fit for purpose. im looking to spend as little as possible really. my main useage will be stills, nature and the odd people shot. video is also a must for me as ive started making youtube videos of my music so having high quality video is a requirement. minimum 720p but higher would be nice as long as its at a non stuttery frame rate. (preference goes to camera's with a mic jack but if not im sure i could sync the audio in software. I look forward to your suggestions (as for lenses im really not fussy, i can get lenses as I go, preference to cannon for the large range of high quality lenses for low prices in comparison to the nikkon counterparts)


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