Builtin Microphone in Acer Aspire 7420Z Not Working WIN XP



Hello everybody,
I've downgraded my operating system from Vista to XP
On my Acer Aspire 4720Z
And i installed Windows Xp Professional SP2
I found all the drivers and installed them all perfectly
Even the sound is worked for me well ...
But ... the Builin Microphone didn't even got detected by the audio properties !!!
could some one help me please ?
there is no recording options in my audi now that means i have no microphone detcted :(

thanks in advance
Is there a specific driver for the mic on Acer's support site? Take a look there. Otherwise, you'll have to figure out the manufacturer of the mic and see if they have a driver on their support site.


thanks bro :)
i solved it
i reinstalled windows
and the audio driver it's self only installed n the first
the i installed the other driver
also each time i install a driver i restart the pc even if not required
i think there was conflicting files because i installed many at same time

ty ty