Business\Travel laptop, budget $1000-$1200


Jul 27, 2010

I'm looking to get a laptop that will use me on work and during work related travel.
I will buy in the US in the coming month, and I'm aiming for a budget of $1000-$1200.


    Office work - tons of Excel, lots of Word, Power-Point. Some statistical and data processing software.
    I do lots of multitasking - many browser tabs, many applications at once. A high resolution (beyond 1366*768) seems necessary.
    Casual use of Matlab and Adobe Lightroom.
    Games - the lowest priority, but of this machine is able to run shooters and strategy games in the next couple of years, I'll be happy. Again, this is just an add-on, not a requirement...

Critical parameters for me:

  • RAM - at least 8GB, preferably out of the box.
    Weight - not heavy (roughly 3-5 lb?). I will carry it all day long with me, and also during trips.
    Battery - see previous point. Something that will last 6-8 hours of normal every day usage.
    Keyboard - something comfortable, without bizarre keys' locations and missing END\HOME\F#.
    Screen - around 14". No need for touch screen.
    Reliability - I'm a techie, but I don't want to open up the laptop every other month.
    SSD - a welcomed addition
I do not require an OS pre-installed.

I know that this is a big list with many info. I appreciate any help you may give me or ideas regarding relevant laptops.
Thanks a lot!


May 12, 2014
lenovo t440s

Choose the first model so you can customize it. Base price 999$ Under the display section choose
14.0" FHD with WWAN +120$. What FHD means in basic terms is a 1920x1080 screen. not sure if its worth it though but up to you
Under battery options Id tinker with it but not sure what you would want. id choose the 72whr cyl ch for extra charge
+5 dollar

total around 1125. other things to note

has 500gb HDD + 16gb micro ssd which is nice
comes with 4gb ram but the website asks for 80$ to upgrade to 8gb when you can buy a ram stick for about 35-40$ and do it yourself.


Jul 27, 2010

This laptop does seem great in many aspects. The only thing that worries me is what I read about having 2 different display manufactures (LG, AUO) with prominent differences between them, and no way of knowing up a head which one you will get on your T440s.
Apart from that, do you know whether Lenovo usually has promotions on 4th of July?
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