Question Buying 3 smart watches, need help....

Sep 19, 2022
I am looking to buy 3 watches, all for women: Wife, Mom, Mother in Law. I want them to be all the same/similar smart watches so its easy to troubleshoot over the phone with non tech relatives. Located in the United States (Midwest)

Need 1 to have LTE on the Verizon network
Need 2 more to have bluetooth. (if these 2 have to be LTE/Combo Im ok as well. I just wont activate them on Verizon and they can bluetooth to their phones)
Budget under $250 each
They all want rectangle faces. (not round faces) like the Amazfit GTS series. But Im not sure if those come in LTE.
They all want either white, pink, or gold colors (faces or bands)
We all have Android Samsung S21 phones
Need to be able to create and respond to text messages.
Need to be able to answer and talk on the watch and make calls. (without bluetooth ear phones) including on the LTE one.

Nice to have: SOS feature.

Nothing else really matters. Any feedback or concerns let me know asap please.
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