Buying a gaming laptop for this blk friday sale or wait til next April


Nov 23, 2015
I'm trying to buy a new gaming laptop since mine is already like 3 years old and running gtx460m which can only run fallout4 at lowest setting at about 25fps

So, I was looking on newegg and I found thjs open boxed one thats rocking a gtx 980m

and Im wondering would it be a fine choice? I was actually gonna wait til next April/May time to see if they lower the price for gtx980 for laptop or release some new gpus

Should I buy this (or recommendation please) or wait til next April?
And if I buy on coming April will there be any changes?

My price range is 1200~1600 and trying to at least go with 970m or higher and something light like 14inch or 15.6 inch. ASUS g53sx was a little too heavy to bring around

Please help
The laptop you have chosen is a good choice. It should be able to handle all the current games and future games for some time. But I have never bought an open box laptop before or a Gigabyte laptop so I don't know real world usage. Laptops in april will definitely be better than the current ones. It will depend on how demanding you are.


Gaming computers usually aren't on Sale on black Friday. They tend to be on sale in the back to school time frame. Most Black Friday deals are on the cheaper laptops.

The laptop you showed the link for is a 4th generation Intel i series processor. The 6th generation is the current.