Question Buying a new camera as an upgrade from my sony a6000

Aug 3, 2019

I currently own an a6000, however I am looking to get more professional with my photos. I am more drawn to full frame units, however I'm not sure that full frame is totally necessary for the kind of photography that I do and will be more drawn to. I love the Canon colours, Fujifilm and Nikon colours seem fine to me as well, although from the research that I have done into them, the colours seem a bit dark. Sony is great, however I feel that Sony camera colour science perhaps isn't as great as the other mentioned brands. I understand that this is an issue that can be fixed in post processing, however, for me, that takes away slightly from the satisfaction of the photographic experience. The canon eos r does look quite good, but seems lacking for the price. The xt3 looks incredible, however it is not a full frame. The Nikon Z6, Sony a7iii and the lumix s1 all look great also, but I am a little bit hesitant due to the colour science. I would also be interested in a dslr camera, however it would need to be both great at photos and videos. I'm not sure if it's just the sample images that I'm looking at, but mirrorless cameras in general do seem to have a more artificially sharpened look in their photos, where as dslr camera photo samples seem to have a more natural look in that regard. Perhaps I am more just looking at Canon dslr photos though, and this is just a strength in their colour science.

Anyway, basically I am having difficulty and feel that I need help with coming to a decision, they all seem great in their own regard, but with any of these, it is a lot of money to spend on something if I'm not totally sure about it.

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