Buying a sound card for recoreding/music listening ( 2 models comparison)


May 20, 2014
I want to buy a new sound card. The thing that matters the most is LATANCY while using DAW and vst -instruments. Also sound quality for music reproduction. I dont care about preamps cos i already have an external device. Built in DSP effects is a plus for me, cos i record vocals.

The two candidate models are the internal / pci-e

Creative SB0880 Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium

and the external usb

Tascam US 122 MKII

Wich you consider best for the use i need?

Thanks in advance!
Since the Creative is mostly for gaming and not recording of those I would guess that the Tascam is closest to your needs. I don't think the sound cards will have DSP effects built in. That is in your software and plugins. If you have an external mic preamp then you should consider the EST Juli@.
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