Buying new headset need some help


May 27, 2014
So I'm torn between two choices

Sennheiser HD 598

So here's what I'm stuck on, All I ever hear from people who have Senheisers is constant praise and I will admit they look nice but the cups are made of the type of fabric that's very easy to get dirty and very hard to clean for me at least.

The ATH Look very nice and I like being able to detach a cable and switch it for a new one and the material it's made out of looks very nice and durable.

I'm not sure which to get so if anyone could help me out, I'd like to know mainly which has better audio quality

If you have a suggestion for a different headphones that would be better then my hard limit is $250 but 50 of that is going towards a standalone mic.
for what purpose?

hd598 is a good all rounder - music, movies, gaming, etc. decent soundstage and neutral sound. while neutral can be boring for some its a good choice if you do not know what kind of signature you like.

m50 has an incredibly small soundstage (everything will sound very close and lack spatial depth to sound) however they are built like tanks, capable of low end bass and have good audio quality if you like v-shaped signatures. they do get hot to wear and the earcups are a bit small. i own a pair and while i like them, i'll be honest that they are good but definitely not in all scenarios and they arent the best thing since sliced bread like some people think.

the dt770 is everything the m50 is (sans detachable cable) but better. bigger pads, more comfortable, much better soundstage (actually not a bad soundstage at all for closed cans!) but you will want to use at least a decent soundcard or maybe an amplifier with them.

the dt990 is a good open can but you will want a good amp for them

there are of course other solutions but without explaining your needs and preferences its hard to get an idea of what you want.
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