Buying new laptop, need suggestions


Jul 18, 2017
My old laptop, a Lenovo Y510p finally jumped ship on me. I am thinking of buying a laptop soon but I am not sure what to buy. But my general criteria is as such:
1. Must have an M.2 SSD slot
2. 15 inch or larger screen.
3. Decent graphics card for moderate video editing
4. Good battery life for the whole day, (with power saving mode)

Weight and budget are not really a big of a concern for me. But if creature comforts do retain e.g VGA port, cd drive, SD card slot, that would be great.

Thickness is also not a concern, but I'm willing to take on a fews 100 grams in exchangr for power and battery life!

Thank you for taking your time to reply!

P.S forget thunderbolt 3, that shit aint gonna be used by me.


Seem to be fairly basic requirements. Going to many models to choose from.

Dell G7 is probably around the middle range for you. i5/i7 GTX1050/1050Ti/1060 M.2 SSD slot and 2.5" bay. Moderate sized battery and 15" screen.

Certainly more gamery ones. Basically if you are after an i5/i7 and a mid-range Nvidia GPU you are looking at $800-1000 depending on memory and drive size.

Hmm, even a decent deal on a G7 today:

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