Buzz sound in speakers when bathroom shower pump turned on

Jul 9, 2018
I get this buzz sound from my speakers connected to my computer when the bathroom water heater which also has a pressure booster pump is turned on. Each time it is turned on, I get a buzz sound in my speakers; and goes when it's turned off.

And I see the buzz comes via the headphones jack connected to my speakers, when I unplug the headphones jack, the buzz goes.

I reckon therefore it's a interference signal going into the computer and then into the headphones jack and into my speaker system.

How to get rid of this?

Can a burger protector be suitable to solve this problem?
The interference from the pump could be coming over the AC line. You will need more than a surge protector as jay32267 says. A UPS/signal conditioner doesn't generate its own waveform unless it has been unplugged from the wall. The filtering of the AC line is what might help. Putting a filter on the AC line that the pump is connected to might help too.
The interference could also be RF. That would be really hard to get rid of if it's being picked up in the PC.
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