C Drive Ownership issues - Need Help With System Restore


Jun 15, 2015
I purchased a new laptop for my daughter recently. We encountered some trouble moving files from her old computer to the new laptop over the network. After looking online for a solution, I changed the ownership of the C drive. Bad idea. It has caused all sorts of problems. It created issues with downloading a few things like apps from the Windows store. I contacted Microsoft support and they had me enter a sting of information in the C promt. Something to do with a restore. That made everything even worse. I can now no longer use the side swipes on the touchpad to get to the side menus. I can no longer change the ownership of the C drive. I can't do a system refresh or reset. I can't even get into the Advanced Book Options menu by pressing F8 at startup. Can someone please help me fix this brand new laptop? I've already tried contacting Lenovo and they want to charge me over $100 to tell me the steps to fix it!