Cable Surrenders: Cablevision First ISP to Offer HBO Now

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Mar 12, 2008
@ TechyInAZ

I agree with you, but that wasn't the reason for my recent cancellation of my Cable TV, it was the prices - over the past few years it just went up, up, and up.

So at the most recent price rise, I called, and cancelled my contract.

I then, took out a new internet-only subscription that was as fast as money could buy (for residential).

But what really chapped my @ss, was paying for Muslim TV, Gay TV, Shopping Channel, Cartoons, Football channels, (insert other awful network here).

It felt like supporting banks that should have been allowed to fail - let us choose *each and every channel* we want, and thus pay proportinally, NOT the cr@ppy 'packages' they try to force-feed down my throat. I don't want, nor need 110 channels of garbage, I'd just like about 15 of MY CHOOSING.

So Mr. Cable Operator, let me choose *each and every channel*, and you CAN have my money again. Oh how my heart would bleed watching Muslim TV shut down due to lack of subsciptions...

Otherwise, Mr. Cable Operator? Fade into insignificance...


Aug 10, 2008
Sure TV is coming to Internet, but what you guys don't realize is Metered Internet Connections are also coming.

They are going to meter it per GB. You might not have a physical meter like electric or water, but know it's coming.

Cable companies want a easy way to charge the Video Streamers More money than say a daily web surfer who just checks emails and reads forums. And rightly so.. Video Streamers, those who download 50GB games off Xbox, etc.. should pay more since their impact on the network is severe.

So you heard it here first people. Metered internet is inevitable.


Aug 8, 2013
Really interesting insights, all. Without getting into the merits of different programming, I think the overriding point is that people want to pay for only the channels they like. Online services tend to be more customizable, and it seems that consumers want to apply that same model to cable/satellite.

Paying by the GB is a possibility. One benefit of the net neutrality regulations - whatever your thoughts on them - is that ISPs will have to be very upfront about what they are offering and charging.

We are living in interesting times.
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